these last few days


My Broski was in town for the last few weeks of school, my sister’s graduation. He attended the banquet and the ceremony, and then there were a few days to do nothing. So, we went to Flacon.

The getting there was interesting. Angelina drew herself a map, but we ended up using her phone’s GPS anyway. We took a chance following a sketch path past electric trains carrying day-workers going home and air-travelers leaving Moscow. Flacon itself was lovely, large, and filled with brilliant stores of overpriced art supplies and trinkets. Broski bought a necklace; I bought a pen. Then I noticed my phone was gone, so we traced our path back past the tracks again. We soon found it, but spent the last half-hour of daylight exploring the track and taking pictures instead of returning to Flacon.

I enjoyed playing with the gold light a bit, but there was plenty of shade to enjoy.

I also took pictures with my Zorki. I really hope that vendor was telling the truth and it actually does take analogue photos instead of just wasting my film.

So many people are leaving. Eliza will be in Montana; Angelina is moving back to Houston; Dimitrious is in Missouri. Only Miss Ki is staying in Moscow. I don’t really want to go back to America if it means leaving her behind. 


IMG_9303 “is this blog-worthy?” yes, Broski.


IMG_9245 IMG_9247

IMG_9295 IMG_9301


IMG_9291 IMG_9260 IMG_9271


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