Senior Banquet 2015

Saturday was not only a good friend of mine’s birthday (trying to figure out the correct grammar for that is too tedious), but also our first day of real freedom. My sister is now a graduate, and we’re all flying out within the next week to visit family in Texas, &ct. I suppose I’m emotionally immature because I need more than two hands to count the situations in which I’ve handled myself poorly. I’m supposed to be extremely sad or moved or something because she won’t be anywhere near us next year (she will live in Arkansas, we in Moscow). And I am. But the showing of it is where I’m unpracticed.

My Junior class put on a banquet for the seniors, and here are some pictures from it. It rained that day, so there aren’t any outside pictures and the lighting inside wasn’t working as I wanted it to. But, I enjoyed capturing the evening, nonetheless.


IMG_5227 IMG_5179 IMG_5133

IMG_5191 IMG_5212 IMG_5027 IMG_5043 IMG_5277IMG_5281IMG_5092IMG_5101IMG_5204IMG_5147

IMG_5267IMG_5311 IMG_5256



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